Arcade Made Lit Kit Flippers - Lighted Pinball Flippers Installation Instructions

7/25/21 - Thanks for your interest in the Arcade Made Lit Kit Flippers - Lighted Pinball Flippers. These specially designed and hand made flippers not only enhance the style but can also help enhance the playability of your game by keeping the flippers in sharp peripheral vision while looking up the playfield and planning your next shot.

Installation is plug and play.

The following uses images from an installation in a Star Wars Data East pinball game and a Bally Twilight Zone game, but the process should be similar for other games.

For detail installation for specific games, please also visit the links below:


A two-flipper kit, like the one shown below for Star Wars Data East, typically contains:

-one left flipper bat (specifically designed for the left side), the wire exiting the flipper will be angled up and away from the player when installed
-one right flipper bat (specifically designed for the right side), the wire exiting the flipper will be angled up and away from the player when installed
-wire management guides - kits will either contain wire management shims (these shims can be trimmed with a scissors to best fit your pinball machine and are intentionally made a bit larger for that purpose) -OR- plastic loops with zip ties that can be attached to your lane guide posts to allow the wiring to run through
-two general illumination (GI) adapter plug in lights (note: some kits will come with alligator clips instead that are used to connect wiring to the lugs of GI lights underneath the play field)

This alternate style of wire management loops below may be included in your kit depending on the game. See additional photos below for using this style.

NOTE: Flipper rubbers are not included as many people have noted they would like to install their own color, brand and style that best suits them. Using or installing Lit Kit Flippers in a pinball machine or other manner is at the risk of the person performing the operation. Hasz Studios LLC is not liable for any potential damages, loss of income, or consequences as a result of using or installing Lit Kit Flippers. Each flipper's lighting system is tested at several points during the build process. There is no stated warranty due to having no control as to how the flippers are installed or used as well as the potential variances in voltages or flipper coils or settings on individual pinball machines.

Step 1

Remove your existing flippers, and install the new Arcade Made Lit Kit - Lighted Pinball Flippers per your game's specifications. Make sure to align them properly and with proper clearance per a typical install.

Step 2

Unscrew/detach the lane guides next to the flipper and move them aside.

Step 3

Arrange the wire from the flipper as shown in a slight "S" shape pattern.

First position the wire above the first post hole, and then under the second post hole. Swap the existing bayonet light that is in your game and insert the provided adapter lights in their place. Connect the wire from the flipper to the adapter light as shown for proper spacing as needed.

Depending on your game, you might find variations for routing the wire may work best. The goal is to install the flipper wiring where the bend and angle of the bend required by the wire in each flipper action is kept to a minimum and with the largest radius so as to maximize the longevity and performance of the flippers. When the flipper is activated fully, there should still be a little slack in the wire so that it is not pulled taught with each flip.

Step 4

If using the wire management shims, reinstall the plastic lane guide and use the provided wire management shims to hold and conceal the wiring in place. See below further if using the wire management loops.

*Note: the wire management shims provided are intentionally a big large so that you may trim them with a scissors to best accommodate your pinball machine.

Please see the following photos if you have the alternate style of wire management guide loops:

Step 5

Manually move the flipper back and forth to ensure the wire is moving smoothly and is not binding. Be sure the wire is placed in such a way so that it will be well concealed and provide for best operation to promote durability.

If properly installed, the wiring will be virtually invisible and the new flippers will become a fully integrated part of your game.

It is recommended to periodically inspect that the wiring is properly held in place, and moves freely without binding to promote longevity of the flipper function.


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