What about second large popcorn?

During your weekly viewing of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, you might be left wondering:

And you would be right.

A standard viewing of the LOTR extended edition may not provide you with adequate time to consume an entire second large popcorn.

But what the fans want, they get...

Announcing for the first time in home and theaters:

That's right!

The new version of the Lord of the Rings E3 - Extended Entish Edition.

Filmed entirely in Olde Entish, this version leaves no subplot under-explained, no path less visited.... even the sixty-third Orc's brother who was never written about or previously filmed or even rumored to exist has a proper ending.

Knowing that you know that we know that you know we know you know, that no movie is worth watching, unless it takes a very long time to watch - this monumental edition with 32.43 additional hours of run time is sure to provide plenty of opportunity for second large popcorns.

Own the Lord of the Rings E3 - Extended Entish Edition today!