Signs That You "Just Might Be" An Arcade Collector

Arcade Collector Achievement List: +1 for each

You just might be an arcade collector if you...

became enlightened when you "realized you could own these things at home"
replaced a power supply
fixed a game needing “just a fuse”
have done a cap kit
burnt an arcade or pinball game ROM
fixed an arcade game PCB
stenciled a cabinet
replaced an arcade control panel overlay
deconverted and restored a cabinet to “its former glory”
used novus to polish plexi
polished a joystick using a drill
own a dolly for moving games
applied side art
used bondo to fill in a damaged cabinet
replaced t-molding
replaced a joystick grommet
put new leg levelers on a game
drilled out a lock
picked up a game with a missing door
cut a back door for a game
picked up a game playing blind
picked up a game on the curb or by dumpster
“fixed a game” simply by pulling an interlock switch
installed a high score save kit
have ordered from Bob Roberts
wired a game for jamma
gone on a warehouse raid and/or barn raid
rented a trailer to haul games
have been shocked by a monitor
have mistakenly received brown paint from the store
driven 2hrs or more one way for a craigslist pickup
sometimes spend a couple hours a week (or more) browsing for arcade classified ads
gone to an arcade auction
have a short list of standby reasons ready to go that can convincingly justify any and all arcade related purchases
have repaired a vector monitor
own an oscilloscope
socketed a chip
repaired an edge connector
fixed a game for a friend
store games at friend's houses
own a tube rejuvenator
own a degaussing coil or have made one
have used a power drill to degauss a monitor before purchasing a degaussing coil
replaced your refridgerator with an upright arcade machine
brought games to an arcade expo
changed a suicide battery on a PCB
think you'll open an arcade someday, even though you won't
replaced your stackable washer/dryer with an upright arcade machine
have a cocktail machine for a living room coffee table or breakfast table
own a cockpit version of a game
know what NOS and CPO mean
own more CRTs than LCDs in your home
enjoy eating popcorn while reading long winded and heated discussions on an online arcade forum
posted a meme on an arcade forum
could identify your games blind folded as you’ve worked on them enough to know them by smell
know what a “Big Blue” is (if you collect 80s games it is a large capacitor, if you collect 90s games it refers to a type of Capcom cabinet)
have necked a CRT tube
done a monitor tube swap
have used a JAMMA to PCB adapter
have rented a storage unit for arcade games
wish to see the original box an arcade game came in
are still wondering if the Popeye is available
measure and remeasure in order to fit “just one more”
are looking forward to an Uber arcade delivery service

buy arcade parts again because you
a) forgot you had them
b) paid too much before and are buying the cheaper ones out of spite
c) don't feel like looking for the ones you already have

feel like everything is suddenly worth 2x more now that you own it, and "you wouldn't let it go for that"... :)

Have purchased trailers, trucks or other moving vehicles/devices to transport games

Have been constantly measuring that guest bedroom to "manage the overflow" or to otherwise fill with games

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